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"I was Denim, now I am mineD"


Jeans. Bell-bottoms, skinny or boyfriend-style.

Everybody knows them - everybody wears them.

They are comfortable, tough and changeable.

The stout Denim is perfect for your everyday life and as flexible as we are.

mineD creates new opportunities for existing products.

The upcycling-philosophy gives mineD-products the chance to become more than a faithful 

companion, individual wrapping and protection.

Your mineD reflects your personality.





The Denim Revolution


For us revolution means not only to change things, but to improve them.

In the "wild 60s" jeans were a symbol of justice and awareness.

They symbolised freedom, revolt and individualism.

With this values in our hearts we revolt against waste and exploitation.


Start your unique revolution. Shape your world.







a vital min(e)D

Our earth shouldn't just be a place to live, we want vitality - that's what we think sustainability means. That's our wish - it's simple.

For this reason our products are made of sample items, remaining stocks and "incorrect" produced jeans.


remin(e)D your uniqueness

Every mineD is upcycled by handicraft. No product is alike another.

Your mineD is as unique as you are and gets even more unique by being your individual companion.

Your mineD reflects your identity.




Sustainability is good and justice is important.

We fight against social injustice by

paying fair salaries,

taking care of a sewing school in Kon-Tum

 and creating stable careers.


mineD – upcycles recyclables